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My professional career in horticulture began in 1995, but my passion for trees began during my childhood. Through these past 23 years of managing landscapes, my experience and knowledge continues to grow and evolve with the changing plant varieties and environmental conditions. When called to assist a homeowner with a problematic or unhealthy tree with great sentimental value, I appreciate the significance and will help preserve the tree. Since I practice as an independent tree care provider, I tailor services to suit customers’ needs and discuss tree issues in simple terms that are grounded in current science and research. In July of 2023, I completed training to become a Registered Consulting Arborist through the American Society of Consulting Arborists.  This prestigious title, acknowledging my ability to communicate objective opinions based upon experience and knowledge, is an honor that I am extremely proud to hold.  

Preventative Treatments, Fertilization & Maintenance


Trees and shrubs can decline due to intolerable environmental conditions, reduced nutrient availability, or limited space above and below ground. Unfavorable conditions cause a tree to become stressed which increases the likelihood that opportunistic insects and disease will attack. I recommend proper preventative maintenance with organic soil amendments, systemic insecticides or fungicides to support and enhance the tree’s natural defense mechanisms. Whenever possible, I offer organic or biorational products that are safer for the environment and pollinators.

Diagnosing Problems

Symptoms of insect damage and tree decline may be combined or misidentified as disease or vice versa. Diagnosis of specific pathogens present a challenge and require consideration of the entire tree, its surroundings, and history. Often, a disease is a secondary agent that took advantage of a tree weakened by cultural conditions. As an arborist, I evaluate and consider a multitude of characteristics that play a key role in determining treatments to combat insects and diseases. I only recommend treatments when I believe it will be beneficial to the tree and often these treatments are best applied as preventative measures prior to an insect or disease’s arrival. 

Disease & Pest Diagnosis & Treatments
Tree Evaluation & Assessments

Tree Evaluation

Residential trees are valuable assets that often require routine maintenance. Often, homeowners are faced with hazardous or unhealthy trees that may pose a risk to people or possibly damage a nearby structure. I can help interpret the visible symptoms and evaluate the condition and health of a tree. I explain and discuss possible risk mitigation options to help a responsible tree owner make decisions about preservation or removal.

I also provide services that are more suitable for commercial and public properties. I consult with site managers and provide tree preservation plans or tree inventories in advance of any soil or site disturbance. When protection of valuable trees is the goal, arborists can work with contractors who may be unaware of the potential damage to tree root zones during construction.

Services Offered

  • Arborist Reports
  • Tree health assessments
  • Insect & disease control
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Fertilization
  • Soil analysis
  • Consultation
  • Landscape design
  • Site remediation
  • Tree appraisals & valuations
  • Construction planning
  • Tree inventories
  • Distressed trees & plant care

I do not offer tree removal or stump grinding services however I will assist you in finding the help you need. I will recommend a reputable and properly licensed company with certified arborists. Please just ask.

Tree Care by Julie Collins Certified Arborist


  • Registered Consulting Arborist #811
  • Board Certified Master Arborist KY-0888A
  • Tree Risk Assessment Qualified
  • Tree Care Industry of America CTSP
  • American Society of Consulting Arborists
  • ARBORJet Certified
  • Kentucky Commercial Pesticide Applicator License ID#154279
    Ohio Commercial Pesticide Applicator License ID#43581


  • Certificate in Horticulture
  • Bachelors of Science, Zoology 
RCA Digital Stamp
ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification
ISA Board Certified Master Arborist
Tree Care by Julie

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Diseases & Pests arriving daily…

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